Domestic Violence Services

Abuse Education & Intervention Services

The Rose Project utilizes two core models in its services delivery working with women who are victims of abuse, and women who abuse in relationships. Both evidence-based models seek to help women understand responses to trauma, feel empowered, eliminate poor decision-making and behaviors that can destroy families.

  1. RESTORE HER, is a educational Domestic Violence program, using Cognitive Behavior Modification education, as a method to confront and challenge denial belief systems that are the core of inappropriate behavior and poor choices. Cognitive Accountability Training (CAT), will help women understand power and control and assist them in overcoming guilt and shame felt as a result of Domestic Violence. This service is offered in a group setting, and places high accountability on the client for service completion.
  2. Helping Women Recover-Beyond Trauma, is a educational Domestic Violence program, which combines trauma-informed care and relapse prevention methods to address unhealthy relationship choices. The model targets women with a history of choosing violent relationships and chemical dependence.

Classes are 1.5 to 2 hours in length.

Women who complete services can return for continued support at any time.

Classes are currently offered in Shelby, Morgan and Marion Counties.

To enroll: Stop by one of the classes on our  homepage, and try a class for free. If you wish for the class to count as a credit toward required attendance enrollment is just $20.00. Please note that our staff reserve the right to make the appropriate class recommendation based on the enrollment assessment and subsequent interactions. Advocacy services are available upon request.


Special thank you to Abuse Counseling & Education’s Nonviolent Alternatives Program for helping The Rose Project to adopt Cognitive Accountability Training, authored by its Program Director Mr. Terry A. Moore, LCAC. We believe in this model and the amazing outcomes that are seen within our program participants!

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