Community Based Services

We believe in impact, and focusing on what we do best!

Our services are wrap-around, therefore we highly recommend referrals for DV Education, Casework, Parenting and Visitation be made to The Rose Project for collaboration of provider services.

Our staff are highly qualified social service professionals, who fulfill the following services:

Case Managers, Parenting Aides and Visitation Facilitators

  • These services occur in our county offices (as needed), in-home or community.
  • Services are high quality, family centered, child-focused and culturally competent.
  • Goal focused transportation is included to assist client in achieving goals related to reunification or successful diversion program completion.
  • Case managers work as part of a team of service professionals, assisting families to build resources, family functional tools and protective factors.
  • Parenting Assessment available.

We are currently accepting clients from Department of Child Services and Probation.