Batterer’s Intervention Program (BIP)

MEN’S BIP CLASS MEETS EVERY WEDNESDAY @ 6:30 PM, Must Arrive 15 minutes early

WOMEN’S BIP CLASS MEETS EVERY THURSDAY @ 6:30 PM, Must Arrive 15 minutes early

Click Address for Google Map Directions:

Class are held at 2346 South Lynhurst Drive, Suite 600, Indianapolis, IN 46241


There will be no classes on the following days due to staff vacation:

July 20, 26 and 27th, 2017

Our core model teaches the “GOLDEN RULE” and how to achieve your POWER with INTEGRITY.

GOLDEN RULE: Treat others as I want to be treated

Am I abusive? What is abuse? Anything I say or do that goes against the Golden Rule. Our program helps to reduce blame shifting, minimization and denial belief systems that perpetuate abusive behaviors in women, men and teens.

  • Rose Project’s BIP Services are delivered using an evidence and outcome based model, called Cognitive Accountability Training (T. Moore, 2001).

  • Classes are designed to help improve child safety, promote healthy relationships, address substance abuse and addiction and encourage personal accountability.

  • The program is 26 weeks, and anyone can try a class for FREE. Enrollment is only $20.00. Call 317-222-5064 for enrollment info now.

  • We are in partnership with Abuse Counseling and Education, Inc. If you are a male in the Greenwood area, or can access that class easier please contact Terry Moore by visiting his webpage at Nonviolent Alternatives.

  • Take the quiz to find out if you should work to improve your current relationships: Abuse QUIZ
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